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glossary of terms

Technical jargon is daunting enough in English, without the worry of understanding a foreign language. The list below offers translation of some of the words that might be used during your purchase.

Abogado Lawyer, Solicitor, Attorney
Administrador Administrator, especially of the affairs of a community of Property Owners
Acta Minutes of Meeting
Al Contado Cash
Albacea Executor of Will
Alquiler Rent
Asegurar To insure
Asesor Fiscal Financial Adviser, Tax Consultant
Autorización de residencia Residence Permit
Ayuntamiento Town Hall
Certificado de empadronamiento Certificate showing a person resides or owns property in a given municipality
Cobrar To cash a cheque, to collect a payment
Comprador Purchaser/Buyer
Comunidad de Propietarios Owners association in an apartment block or complex of houses          
Contrato de compraventa Contract of Sale and Purchase
Cuenta corriente Cheque account in bank
Declaración de impuesto Tax Return
Declaración de obra nueva Declaration of new Construction
Declaración de renta Income Tax Return
Demanda Lawsuit
Domiciliación de pagos Standing Order to Bank for payment of electric, water, tax bills, etc          
Escritura pública Notarised and Registered Title Deed
Gastos Expenses
Hacienda Treasury, Tax Ministry
Hipoteca Mortgage
Honorarios Fees
Impuesto Tax
NIE Certificate Foreigner's Tax Identification Number
Parcela Building Plot
Patrimonio Patrimony/Capital Assets
Plan Parcial Plan of building plots in a housing      development
Plus Valía Tax o­n increased land value
Poder Proxy, Power of Attorney
Registro de la Propiedad Property Registry
Residente Resident
Solicitud Petition, Request, Application
Testamento Will/Testament
Traspaso Transfer/Lease of Property
Urbanización Housing Estate
Valor Catastral Official Valuation of property for Tax Purposes